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Tanya 196

Tanya 196

Date of Birth:
Marital status:
Daughter Dominica, 10/11/2006
1m 77cm, 5/8″
69 kg 138 lbs
University degree in Banking
 works as a head of the department in the bank
Speak english:
basic level

Due to my job position I’m disciplined, goal-oriented, reliable, fair. I’m very friendly and sociable, adapt to different situations fast.
One of my most recent hobbies is pilates, also I’ve started driving a car and I enjoy it a lot.
But I love walking too, it could be a leisurely walk along the river or in the park with my daughter, or just covering the distance from home to the work.
As any girl I love shopping :), arranging mini trips or active weekends with my daughter and friends, I’m quite active, you don’t have to ask me twice to get my butt up and go someplace 🙂
I take care of my looks and believe that it’s quite important for a woman.
I hope to meet a charismatic, confident man, who is successful in what he does, who appreciates the quality of life, likes good food and enjoys weekend getaways or bigger trips.
One of my big dreams is to visit the Caribbean.

I want my man to be “the head of the family”, someone who I would look up to and follow as my leader.
I’m very open to communication, let this adventure begin!!!!
I don’t have any specific requirements as to his looks, color of the eyes or hair. But being tidy, a nice smell is a must 🙂

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