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Svetlana 146

Svetlana 146

Date of Birth:
December/ 14/ 1986
Marital status:
Daughter Adel, born 05/14/ 2007
1m75 cm, 5’7’’
62 kg, 128 lbs
Speak english:
Speaks good conversational English

I’m a very active and energetic person, definitely not a coach potato. I work hard in my job, there were times when I was coming home and couldn’t look at the light. So when I have time off I play hard too. I love traveling, especially to the beaches, I enjoy fitness and take dance classes.
I try to lead a healthy lifestyle (yes, I’m a doctor after all), but I’m not a nut about it 🙂 – I will eat junk food every now and then (after all – when you go to the movies you must eat pop corn and have a coke…LOL). I’m a fun, happy person, I look like and I’m actually a strong woman, I have my principles, I’m honest and fair, I have a sarcastic sense of humor so you’d better be ready for it… but the key word is a «woman». I need a man in my life to fulfill me, for us to work as a team, for us to make each other HAPPIER. I enjoy all kinds of music: from Beethoven to rock, I read medical books and modern fiction, I love old Hollywood movies and new blockbusters.
When I’m bored I’ll go to the kitchen and will bake a cake 🙂 I adore Italian desserts.
I dream to meet a caring, strong man, who would be my supporting shoulder. He doesn’t have to be a sports maniac – it’s enough for him just to care how he looks and take a basic care of his health and appearance. I can’t stand men who are narcissistic and in love with themseves, who are controlling and abusive.
I’m ready to love and be loved. Where are you? 🙂


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