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Lolita 187

Lolita 187

Date of Birth:
Marital status:
Never married
 no children
Dark blonde
1m 68cm 5’6”
55 kg 115 lbs
University degree in Sociology
Speak english:
Speaks English/Spanish/Polish

How would I describe myself? I can say that I’m a very simple yet complicated person 🙂
Emotions and feelings rule my world. I dream about big love , crazy passion. I am looking for a strong man who I can look up at, learn from, who’s older, more experienced , successful.
But at the same time I can’t idle and be a financial burden, I need and want to work too.
I hope my partner will be my support, my “stone wall”, the strong “back” which I can always rely on. If I receive something, I give 1000 times more in return.
I see us building a happy life together as a team, having common goals, working, travelling together. Laughing, playing, enjoying each minute together. I dream about a real family with children.
Honesty is super important for me, I won’t stand lies and playing games. I am looking for a loyal and sincere partner.
I love animals, socializing with interesting people, seeing new places. I can be happy on some exotic beach, or cooking dinner at home waiting for my sweetheart.

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