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Chernivtsi, the bord1erside city is situated on the south west of Ukraine. Its territory is 160 square kilometers. The name “Chernivtsi” was mentioned for the first time in a feudal charter signed by the ruler of Moldavian State Alexander Dobry (the Good) on October 8, 1408. But the town itself appeared much earlier, during the times of Kyiv Rus, when Prince Yaroslav Ostomysl ordered a fortress to build on the left bank of the Prut River in the second half of the 12th century.

Over the centuries the town witnessed times of flourishing and decay. It was plundered and burned many times by Turkish, Tatar and Polish invaders. All those misfortunes hampered the development of the town, and Chernivtsi in the early 18th century was not any different from an ordinary village.

The three major buildings of the University of Chernovtsi are located in a magnificent architectural complex, built after the project of Czech architect Joseph Hlavka (the former residence of the bishop). With its glazed tile roofs featuring hand-woven carpets of Bukovyna and interiors well-known not only in Ukraine but all over the world. The University was founded in 1875. Since that time it has become an important educational and scientific center of Ukraine.

Currently, Chernivtsi is home to 14 colleges attended by 12,000 students. Chernivtsi has a population of about 400,000. It is one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine, attracting many tourists. Different architectural styles characteristic of past centuries blend well with one another. Many buildings are complete with baroque stucco molding.

This beautiful city with inimitable architecture, museums, shady alleys in its parks and public gardens, summer cafes that can be found literally around every corner attracts tourists from across the country and abroad. They come to admire the past and the present, which blend so harmoniously together.

German writer Georg Guyntsen had this to say about our historic city… “Chernivtsi is the city of constant intellectual discussion, which started in the morning with the new theory of esthetics and till the evening when it was rejected completely. It was the city where the dogs were called by the names of Olympic gods and where even 5 year old children recited poems…. Chernivtsi was the ship of enjoyment with Ukrainian team, German officers and Jewish passengers on board under the Austrian flag and on with constant course between East and West”.