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Foreign Matchmaking Options

There are several different approaches that a man may consider if he is seriously interested in pursuing marriage with a Ukrainian woman, and there are pros and cons with each approach.SvetaOlegWedding

Free Dating Sites

The “free” dating or personals sites are generally a no-cost option for starting communication with women in Ukraine. The obvious advantage is that the only thing you require is a computer and Internet access. But “free” is not always best. There are risks involved, just as there are risks in any venture.

Similar to online dating in the USA or UK or Australia, etc., do you know who you are really communicating with? Can you determine this person’s true motives and background? There are many, many types of scams, some far more subtle than others.

Does she speak English well, or do you speak Russian or Ukrainian? If so, then your communication may be easily established. If not, the use of electronic translators for communication seriously limits your ability to get to know someone. While electronic translation is sometimes fine for basic communication, it can also sometimes have a humorous or unintended outcome, or worse, a negative impact through an unfortunate misunderstanding.

If you have not traveled to Ukraine in the past, ask yourself if you believe you can navigate your way, communicate well enough make appropriate preparations (transport, hotel or apartment, etc.), take care of tasks such travel by bus, train, or taxi, exchange currency, and trust that the woman or women you intend to meet are real and serious about meeting you. In our experience, free sites are fraught with problems best handled only by someone with significant experience and ability to adapt to potentially difficult circumstances.

Large Agencies

The claim to fame for most large agencies is their huge database of glamorous women. There are many choices from many different cities in Ukraine. However, there are some negatives as well.

Like any business, the goal of large agencies is to make a profit. There is nothing wrong with that. The approach, however, is sometimes questionable. They are perfectly happy if a man does not find a real match because it means he will use their services longer.

Frankly, it is not uncommon for a popular woman at a large agency to have 20 or 30 men or more writing to her. The likelihood that she is managing her own correspondence under this deluge is quite small. Some questionable agencies act as ghost writers for women, and some of these women may not even be aware that it is happening.

The huge database can be attractive to many men, with dozens, or even hundreds, of beautiful women waiting to communicate. The reality is sometimes quite different, with everything from fake profiles to women who were married years earlier but the agency neglected to ever remove their information.

Additionally, the large agencies generally do not know the women in their databases. They cannot. There are simply far too many women in far too many cities. Women are often not required to apply in person, and instead simply fill out forms and send the information into the agency. Even if they are real women, they may have no serious interest in meeting a foreign man. It may be a lark, an adventure, or some sort of entertainment. Is it possible to meet a real woman through a large agency? Absolutely. But we believe the chances of success are much smaller.

Full Service Agencies

Full service agencies provide full service. At least we hope so, because this is the type of agency we run!

We are a Full Service Agency with a personalized approach to each client.

We cannot speak for all full service agencies, but as for ourselves we meet, interview, and get to know our ladies. All of them are from Chernovtsy or the surrounding area. By understanding our ladies and their needs and wishes, we can perform the art of matchmaking much more effectively, and it is definitely an art and not a science because feelings and emotions are involved. The more we learn and understand about our clients, both male and female, the better we can help them.

We do not run letter writing mills, charge for gifts that are never delivered, show only glamorous photos of our ladies, or misrepresent their interests or desires. If a woman wishes to communicate with you, she really does wish to communicate with you. If she does not, then she does not.

Letter translation is also a skill best left to someone with professional education and experience. Having graduated from Chernovtsy State University with the highest grades (English and German major) and having 18 years of translation and interpretation experience, I can attest to the importance of choosing appropriate words and phrases so detrimental misunderstandings do not occur. Agencies that run letter writing mills have little if any desire to achieve a high level of communication. In their case it is quantity and not quality that matters.

If a male client wishes to deliver a gift of some kind, we can personally arrange delivery and send photos. We have never seen a situation where a woman did not appreciate a genuine gesture. Our photos are most often taken directly by us, and they are true representations of the women, not glamour shots done in a professional studio.

We believe that we provide the best services available, and we effectively answer our clients questions and concerns and help them in every way possible.

How We Are Different

svetlana2We have over 18 years of experience as professional matchmakers. We have helped a broad range of clients, learning about them and doing our best to help them find the women they have dreamed of. We have true success stories.

We know our women clients. We have met each of them in person, interviewed them, and taken photos. Often we get to know them well, even meeting their family members. We KNOW the women are real because we have met them in person! We believe this is extremely important, and it is something that many agencies are unable to do.

We do everything possible to assist our clients. We have helped our clients with everything from traditional translation of letters, to interpretation, to gift delivery, to more unusual requests. With clients who travel to Chernovtsy, we provide dedicated, personalized service, arranging accommodations, meetings, excursions, etc. Our clients often have many questions, and we are here to answer them.

We do the right thing. Our goal is simply to help our clients find the right match for a happy future. We take great pride in our success stories.

Congratulations on your first step to new, exciting times of your life. You may be frustrated with women in general – you don’t have the fondest memories of former relationships, and you are possibly skeptical about introduction agencies. Please do not have this attitude and consign yourself to a future without a loving partner.

svetlanaFor over 20 years we have been hosting Western and European men who visit our beautiful City in hopes of expanding their horizons, learning about our culture and meeting the finest women in the world. We offer personalized hosting and introduction services to only one or two clients at a time and work hard to make your visit safe, comfortable and convenient.

You dream of finding a beautiful and faithful woman. Do not expect this gift to fall upon you out of the clear sky. You alone are responsible for your life and personal happiness.

The ladies represented by us are real, here in Chernivtsi, and are seriously seeking marriage-minded Western men. They preserve the charm of province, cherish family traditions, and make perfect wives and caring mothers. Your dream lady is waiting to be discovered by you. It’ll take time and effort to find her but everything worthwhile does.

Please, take a few moments to review our site and take a look at some of the wonderful ladies we represent. When you decide you’re ready to start your new life, let us know. We are ready to host and assist you during your visit to our historic City.

We also assist you with obtaining a K-1 visa for your lady when you decide to bring her over To the U.S. We will guide her step by step through the process here and help her to be prepared For the interview in the US Embassy in Kiev.