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About Agency

For 20 years now we have been hosting Western and European men who visit our beautiful City in hopes of expanding their horizons, learning about our culture and meeting the finest women in the world. We offer personalized hosting and introduction services to only one or two clients at a time and work hard to make your visit safe, comfortable and convenient.

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Our first marriage took place in May 1996. Tanya and Eric are still happily married.
That's the main thing you should know about us.
The most important fact about the agency is not the number of engagements or even marriages, rather how many couples stay together after 5,10, 15 years....

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You dream of finding a beautiful and faithful woman. Do not expect this gift to fall upon you out of the clear sky. You alone are responsible for your life and personal happiness.
Please, take a few moments to review our site and take a look at some of the wonderful ladies we represent. When you decide you’re ready to start your new life, let us know. We are ready to host and assist you during your visit to our historic City.

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The ladies represented by us are real, here in Chernivtsi, and are seriously seeking marriage-minded Western men. They preserve the charm of province, cherish family traditions, and make perfect wives and caring mothers. Your dream lady is waiting to be discovered by you. It’ll take time and effort to find her but everything worthwhile does.