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Lyudmilla 154

Lyudmilla 154

Date of Birth:
April / 07/ 1982
Marital status:
Son Artem April/08/2012
120 lbs
Nail Technician
Speak english:
Speaks elementary English

Everyone says I’m very feminine and soft, kind-hearted and warm. Sometimes I wish I could be stronger ,to avoid getting advantage of.
But I am the way I am 🙂 I love people and enjoy interacting with kind souls, with someone interesting, vibrant.
I got married at the age of 17 🙂 and had a long marital life. I guess I can claim I’m a very patient woman, who’s got lots of tolerance and understanding.
I have an adult daughter who has a life of her own, she’s almost married, and a little boy who I spend a lot of time with: take him to the karate classes, out of town to the mountains. In other words, I think I’m a good mom 🙂
I don’t want more children….but I want to start a new page of my life and write the novel of love and passion, respect and understanding.
I love to laugh and enjoy simple every day things. I’m a very positive person.
One of my hobbies is dancing – that’s what I really need after many hours of sitting at work. My other new leisure is hiking in the moutains.
We have picturesque Carpathians here in the Western Ukraine and I will gladly become your personal guide 🙂
It’s my recent hobby – when I was married I was basically «tied» to the household. So this time I hope to meet someone active and energetic, someone life-loving. Not much money is needed to make a short weekend trip to the mountains, go hiking and camping.
Also, I want you to have a sense of humor, and to have the appreciation of a woman who is near your side.

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