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Kate 195

Kate 195

Date of Birth:
Marital status:
Never married
No children
dark brown
hazel or honey shade
1m 69cm 5’6 1/5”
60 kg. 120 lbs
University degree in Medicine ( Pharmacist )
Professional courses in Cosmetology, both facial and aesthetic body massages
Works for the private cosmetology clinic
Speak english:
basic conversational level, intermediate

As for the personality features, first of all I would mention kindness and empathy. I’m a very sociable person with good people skills and it helps me at work a lot. I’m emotional and more extraverted, although there are times when I feel like closing in my own world for a while. I’m purposeful, persistent and hardworking. I love my job and it’s a big part of my life.
My hobbies include dancing, volleyball, reading ( my favorite author is Daniel Kiz ). When I have free time I can do some crafts, or get together with girls and go to the pool or cafe. So I equally enjoy active and passive time spending.
I would never agree to a parachute jump :), what I would like to do is a car trip through the countries of the world, seeing famous sights. My top places of interest are Goa, Italy, Scotland, Victoria waterfalls.

I’m quite strong as a person, so I would like to meet a man who’s stronger than me. I don’t feel like bossing around a guy, a relationship should be a team work. I also appreciate a keen sense of humor and if a man makes me laugh – it’s a big plus 🙂 I’m a hard working woman who supports herself and I expect my man to be ambitious too, someone who would be adding to the family budget, not expecting a woman to be a sole provider.
Besides being practical and down-to-earth, I’m also very romantic. I dream about heart-to-heart talks under the starry skies, sharing a glass of wine on the beach… I hope to be surprised with flowers and unexpected gifts. And of course, I promise 100 times back.
People love my smile, they say it’s enchanting, and you will be seeing it all the time!

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