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Irina 193

Irina 193

Date of Birth:
Marital status:
Daughter 15 y.old
1m 76cm 5’8”
55 kg 115 lbs
University degree in Finance / specializing in the sphere of development and construction
20 years of experience in this field
Currently studying sexology as a part of psychology / also studying to be a nutritionist.
Speak english:
basic knowledge of English and German

Currently living in Germany

How can I describe my personality?
I’m an «easy» person in many senses. I’m active, energetic, it doesn’t take me long to make a decision.
I’m sincere and straightforward, I don’t like lies and flattery. I value comfort and freedom.
I believe that the most important things in life are time, comfort, health, trust and respect.
I enjoy traveling, sexology, nutrition, pole dancing, Nature. In my nearest plans is to try parachute jumping.
I truly believe that the source of happiness is in ourselves. And if we are unhappy initially , no relationship will make
us happy. We shouldn’t start a relationship to gain happiness, we should start a relationship to share our own happiness.
Anyways, that’s my philosophy 🙂
I hope to meet a self-sufficient, wholesome person ( but not a perfectionist 🙂
Mentally mature and stable. Who takes care of himself, values his own health and appreciates a woman’s energy.
Who’s kind, emotionally stable, does sports, not an excessive drinker, and yes, being generous is a big plus ))))


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