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Will, Santa Cruz, California, Married in August 2005

I understand you may be interested in visiting the Ukraine . My name is WIll and in summer of 2004 I stayed in Chernivtsi in the apartment of Svetlana and Oleg. Gotta tell ya, it was the best vacation of my life. My host were not all about business but quickly became friends and leaving was very difficult for me. In fact, I was the first American to see their newborn baby, Daniel. The city is beautiful, filled with not only cobble stone streets but beautiful women…….they were coming from everywhere as I traversed the streets. Unbelievable. The funny this is, the woman I wrote to was not the woman I fell madly in love with. The wonderful thing is, Sveta and Oleg are with you for translations as long as you desire….for the most part. Though they do wish for the girl that you write to that you will hit it off etc….they are careful to make sure that you meet many beautiful and honest women. Though some of the stereotypes were true, such as the women are beautiful and many of the men are alcoholics and disrespectful to women, one was not: the women are desperate and will do anything to come to America . Furthest from the truth, at least in my 3 weeks there. Every woman I met, including Anna, the woman I am sprung and done for, are much like women here 100 years ago……they take it slow. With Anna, it was 5 dates before a peck on the cheek and walking arm-in-arm upon the cobble stone street, singing to her: “What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again….just singin’ and dancin’ in the rain.” Finally, upon our 10 date did our lips finally meet. Something magical about the old school way of romance. Certainly, not all women are like this….however, for the woman of my dreams, I would have it not other way. At any rate, drop me a line if you have more questions…

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