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Eric, San Jose, California, Married in November 2004

My trip to Chernovtsi , Ukraine was nothing other than infinitely better than anything I had imagined it could be. I originally went with the intention of meeting some women I might be interested in getting more serious in knowing and possibly leading to marriage and family. Instead, through Sveta and Oleg, I met the woman of my dreams, spent several weeks with her, fell madly in love and proposed.

I had begun by writing to one woman in particular. Sveta advised me to come with a more open mind and meet several of the girls with their company. We talked about how sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there with someone when you finally meet face to face. This is exactly what happened with myself and the woman I originally went to meet. Though she was an incredible woman, beautiful, intelligent, motivated and interested in a family one day, we just didn’t “click.”

I met more than thirty women who ranged in age from 18 to over 30, but mostly in their early twenties. All of them were very beautiful and some of them were outright stunningly so. Simply walking around Chernovtsi was a playground for the eyes. While there were many beautiful women in general in Chernovtsi, the women who are represented by Sveta and Oleg have been filtered by a couple who have you in mind. These women are typically truly interested in love and family. They tend to be honest, full of integrity and hard working young women.

All of the women I met were reasonably intelligent and most were very bright and full of common sense. Many had a very practical side to them and almost all were interested in family and children. The point of view of many of these women was shifted toward the more traditional roles of men and women rather than what is more common among American women. Though most of the women I met wanted to work as well as raise a family. Please, don’t expect to take home a bride who will be “barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen” as these women are full of pride, integrity and intelligence. You would be missing so much of who these women are and their potential to see them in such a light.

Several of them spoke passable English, but with a limited vocabulary. I highly recommend an English-Russian/Russian-English pocket dictionary. If you can afford a handheld electronic dictionary as I had you won’t regret it. Of course if you have the luxury to learn Russian before you go this is without question the best option! I wish I had done this, but I did enjoy spending time fumbling through a dictionary with my beloved.

Most of your cost is in the airfare, travel to Kiev/Lvov, Sveta and Oleg’s services and the cost of renting your flat. I recommend landing in Lvov if you can. I went to Kiev on my trip and the 8 hour drive was a long one after the international flight. The flats are great and Valentina’s cooking is delicious. While there are hotels, the quality is fairly shoddy compared to the flats and there are many constraints that you experience with hotels which you avoid with renting the flats.

Sveta and Oleg were so amazing. They were always there to help when I had questions about anything. I truly appreciated their different perspectives on all of the different women I met. They tend to know most of the women involved with their company quite well. And while I couldn’t meet ALL of the women I wanted to meet I did meet well over 90% of them. Ask what Sveta and Oleg think about how you and the girl your interested in might match up. Make sure to tell them what you want and what you are looking for in a woman, a marriage and a family. They will do their best to help you find your match. And they will look to find that special chemistry and passion that makes a good relationship fun.

Both Sveta and Oleg are very insightful and have a lot of experience working with people and reading them. Their English skills are incredible and excellent. Both have a fairly good understanding of America and American culture as well as of course a great understanding of Ukraine and the women they represent in their company. In Sveta and Oleg you will find people who are working in your interest to find you a great women who will hopefully make you happy.

I recommend their services to anyone who has serious intentions of finding love in Ukraine . Chernovtsi is a university town that has not yet been contaminated by the international dating services like Kiev, Odessa, Kherson, Lugansk and the other cities you see on the internet.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Sveta and Oleg for all that they did for me while I was in Chernovtsi. It felt like family and friends in a home away from home.

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