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Robert, New York City

Dear Sveta and Oleg, THANK YOU, THANK YOU,THANK YOU. I have been back in New York City for about three weeks now and I am Still in shock about what a great time I had. I had such an amazing time that as a testament to the excellent service and hospitality that you provided I EXTENDED my stay EIGHT additional days and was sorry to return to New York . I met 28 women in my first seven days each one being more beautiful than the next. Unlike American women Chernovtsy women have quite different values where the importance lies in friendship, romance and a desire to have a family. These women are not concerned with material possessions and are truly grateful for the little that they have. Oleg and Sveta- You were so personable and reliable and I am sure we will be life long friends. I was totally impressed how comfortable I felt with you as soon as we met. It seemed like we knew each other for years. One of my concerns that I had prior to going to Chernovtsy was safety. That concern dissipated the minute I met you. Every day you were there to pick me up at 10:30 A.M And dropped me off after midnight. You were there to pick me up and drop Me off at the airport. I never was alone. I am looking forward to returning in the very near future.

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