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David, Oceanside, California

For anyone considering a trip to Chernivtsy – JUST GO!! I recently returned from my first trip there and – for me – it was PARADISE ! For starters, I found Chernivtsy to be one of the loveliest, most charming little cities I’ve ever visited. And the ladies you will meet there…let’s just say I wish I discovered this place ten or fifteen years ago. The most stunningly beautiful, friendly, intelligent, kind, warm, sophisticated ladies that you could hope to find anywhere, are right there in Chernivtsy and they want to meet you! And I can’t say enough about Sveta and Oleg. From the moment you arrive at the airport, until the moment you leave, they are there for you – as much as you like – from morning to evening. Oleg’s mom will prepare the most delicious meals for breakfast and lunch. She’ll cook dinner for you as well, but you will want to spend each evening on a date with a girl you’re attracted to. Every night! There are some great restaurants in Chernivtsy (ridiculously cheap) – and some nice discos and other nightlife to sample. Sveta & Oleg’s English is just about flawless and they are terrific translators. I was mostly with Sveta as she helped introduce me to the ladies I selected. She is more than a good translator – she has such a great sense of human relationships, and a marvellous way of puttiing everyone at ease – of “breaking the ice” – if there is any! Both she and Oleg possess a terrific sense of humor and are just great people. If you have any doubts, or have been scammed in the past – put ALL your fears to rest. Sveta & Oleg are the real deal. If you don’t meet the woman of your dreams the first time around (and you probably WILL the second or third time) you will at the very least, have a great time and leave with a couple of very nice friends in that part of the world.

A word of advice: I was there for only nine days, and it wasn’t nearly enough time – there are simply too many gorgeous ladies to meet! Go for at least two weeks, three if possible. You will not want to leave. I left behind several ladies I am very interested in – one that I am corresponding with. I’m returning to spend the Xmas holidays in Chernivtsy, and will most certainly spend a good part of next summer there. JUST GO and be prepared to have the time of your life!

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