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Tom, Castanea, Pennsylvania, Married in 2004

 Son born in August 2005 

This is to anyone thinking of visiting the Ukraine as guests of Sveta & Oleg. I just returned after two weeks in Chernovtsy and did not want to leave?. It just wasn’t long enough! Cast your fears aside and embrace this experience and I promise you’ll have a good time. I too had the natural doubts and fears when traveling to a new country but after only a very short time I found I could trust Sveta and Oleg and now consider them as good friends. They bent over backwards to insure I met a lot of nice ladies who shared my ultimate goal of establishing a lasting committed relationship.I recommend that you go with an open mind as to whom you envision as your life long companion. If I were you I wouldn’t go there with the mindset that you only want to meet the “one” girl. I actually went there to see a different person then whom I wound up with and it took nearly 2 weeks to make up my mind after narrowing my choices down to 4…yes, that’s right…4!! All beautiful, all classy, respectable, educated women and one was even a doctor? and don’t make a decision based solely on the pictures. These girls shine with ?personality? and it was true that they are far better looking in person then the small snapshots used to judge them. I found out that Sveta and Oleg can be trusted with your feelings and I definitely recommend that you not hold back with your emotions or be shy as to what you desire in a woman. You don’t have the time. I also felt quite comfortable using them as translators of both language and emotions in trying to covey my feelings to a girl when she couldn’t speak English? although I did get Oleg to blush once or twice J)) I’m 48 and the lady I chose is 32 and doesn’t know a whole lot of English but I want her enough to deal with it and will be paying for her English courses until the paperwork comes through. These are not dumb babes just looking for a ticket to America . They are respectable and educated and I know you won’t be disappointed in the looks department. I can walk down the street in almost any US town and maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 young women will make you stop and stare…. In Chernovtsy the ratio seems like 5 or 6 out of 10 and they all are fashionably dressed to the nines and look like fashion models confidently striding with stiletto heels on the cobblestone streets of this ancient city. As for myself, I can’t wait to get back! Probably, the only negative I saw was that it was a hike to get there but even that gave you a chance to see the countryside and these girls are definitely worth the ride. I did hear some scare stories over guys picking the wrong girls who wanted a ticket to the US but Oleg and Sveta do their best to get honest women who want the same thing you do. I was often asked why I would travel to the other side of the world to find a wife and after much thought I came to a simple conclusion. I wanted a committed, sincere relationship with the ultimate goal of having a beautiful, loving wife and family (sound familiar guys?). Despite dating a lot of women I just couldn’t find that special someone who shared that goal with me. However, the women who have signed up with Sveta and Oleg’s Introductory Agency have already expressed that very same goal and the only thing left to accomplish was to find mutual compatibility? sounds so simple but truth often cuts to the chase. Good Luck in your search and please feel free to call me in Pennsylvania if you need any advice.

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