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Torsten and Natalia Rumprecht

Torsten and Natalia Rumprecht,

married in 2009 in Chernovtsy,live in Germany,

have a 1 y.o.daughter.

 Dear Svetlana and Oleg,

What can I say, I am really speechless since I got home, the past two

weeks were some of the best in my life and it is really hard for me to adjust right now not being around Natalia and you guys. You and Oleg’s continuous attention and care made this an event of a lifetime for me, I lived in many places in the world but never felt more home than in your place.This trip has totally changed my life in the most positive way, I never would have believed several months ago that all this events turned out like this and that I would meet/find such a nice person and family in the process. It was extremely hard for me this morning to leave and actually was hoping that the flight from Chernovtsy would be canceled for some reason. Now everything is slowly starting to sink in and I really realize how much in love I am with Natalia and how much I miss her, I guess you really have to be away from someone to really appreciate and love that person, my evening here in Germany is very strange and lonely, plus my parents keep asking me what is wrong with me…………… first I thought it would be so much joy to tell everything to my parents but my thoughts are not in line with my clear thinking in the moment and I am somehow nervous and restless, the calm, relaxed and easy going Torsten you know from Chernovtsy does not exist here in the moment…….

  I am very tired but at the same time I cannot sleep, I never thought that one person would have such an effect on me, the next few weeks going to be really challenging for me. Perhaps we can talk in the next few days and figure out what Natalia would like to do regarding the her English classes and whatever else I can do for her, perhaps we could talk on the phone with your assistance sometimes before I head out on Friday back to the islands. I will give you a call today and see how you and your little family is doing, please send my warmest regards to Oleg and little Danny. Of course if you talk to Natalia please send her all my love.

Thank you both again for everything you have done for me, I will not forget this.

Have a wonderful evening….




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