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Randy and Maryanka Russo

Randy and Maryanka Russo,

married in Chernovtsy in January 2007

Live in Orlando, Florida

Have a 4 y.o. daughter Anna-Maria , a new baby is on the way!


To all potential clients for Sveta and Oleg wanting to visit Chernivtsi; please go! I spent 2 months as a guest of Sveta and Oleg in summer of 2006, then another 6 months in 2007, and I have nothing but praise for the work they did and how comfortable they made me feel. I was a little unsure of using a translation and introduction service, but now I feel very differently now. The city is wonderful and very friendly. There is much to see in Chernovtsy; also there are many good restaurants and cafes within walking distance from where you will be staying. The living arrangements are very comfortable and the food prepared for you each day is terrific! I would recommend Sveta and Oleg’s services every time.

Thanks again!  


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