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Mike Morrison, Canada

Mike Morrison, Canada.

I am writing this letter to let all people know what people you are dealing with.  The best people there are!  You cannot find a better pair then Sveta and Oleg.  I started to write to what I thought was Elena but I did not realize that I was typing to Sveta.  I could not believe how much effort she would put into helping me.  No request was ever a problem.  No matter what it was!  I could not believe how big her heart is.  She helped me with letters and Skype and always with a smile.  Any transaction that was done was perfect and up front.  Never was there a problem.  If anything they would tell me what to do before it ever came up to help me avoid problems.

When I took my trip over to Chernivtsi. Everything that I was told to do by Oleg and Sveta was perfect.  I arrived and Oleg was waiting for me as promised and was more then happy to do what ever he could to help me out with my trip and travel around the Ukraine.  The company of Oleg when we drove from L’viv to Chernovtsi was the best.  You would never know the man was not from the States.  The English and demeanour is fantastic. 

First time I met Sveta was when Oleg and I were half way back to Chernovtsi from the airport in Lviv.  Sveta greeted me with a big hug like we had been friends forever.  The drive back from the airport was some of the best times I had over their, and that were just the drive from the airport!!  

Oleg and Sveta went out of their way to make me feel at home when I was in Chernovtsi.  They arranged incredible accommodations for me to stay in and had great food for me for breakfast.  Every thing that needed to be looked after for me when I was there was done with out question and with out me even knowing most of the time.  Sveta and Oleg would tell me after the fact as to what was done.  I could not believe their efforts to help me!!

I could go on and on about how great these people are but you just have to go and meet them to see for yourself.  You owe it to your self to meet great people like Sveta and Oleg.  You cannot do better.  Yes it is their job and there income…but I will tell you it is also there heart and passion involved too.  It is impossible to do better then this.  If you go elsewhere you deserve what you get and that is second best and disappointment!!!!!!!

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