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David Hepburn

I came across Sveta’s and Oleg’s website completely by accident and it has certainly changed my life for the better. But needless to say they had a big part in bringing me and my future wife together. And I wasn’t even looking for a lady to share my life with…amazing.


In late August 2011 I underwent knee surgery and was laded up for several months. I was very bored and had lots of free time. My evening would drag on and I began thinking of ways to occupy myself besides zoning out in front of the TV. I am a very physically active person with nothing to do. I also had been single for a few years and thought it would be nice to have some enjoyable conversation with a lady. I ended up signing up on an international dating site where I could log on and instant message ladies from around the world. I was not looking for love or a wife, just something to do in my alone time in the evenings. I could log on and in a couple minute I was chatting with 1-5 ladies from various countries…mostly Asian though. The site also had a search feature to help tailor physical characteristics and language preferences. Being the outgoing curious guy that I am I did a search for the type of lady I might be interested in. Keep in mind I had no intention of finding love or anything like that. I emailed a few of the ladies my search came up with and received return emails from almost all my inquiries. I found out at this point there are many frauds and scammers out there wanting money and being very forward.

One lady in particular was very kind and sincere. We exchanged several emails, begining mid January 2012, until one day I receive an email from Sveta explaining that the lady I have been corresponding with was real and everything she said was true. Then Sveta explained she owned and operated a Ukraine dating service. At first I was hesitant, but the more we chatted the more I gained confidence in Sveta. Remember, I was not “looking” for a wife, just some evening entertainment. Over the next few weeks to months the letters became more personal and I had a couple Skypes with this beautiful and intelligent young lady. My heart that had been closed for several years began to soften and I was feeling great even though my knee was bad and my life was slow.

I decided I had to go to Chernovtsy in August of 2012 and meet this wonderful lady. I was venturing into a strange country without knowing the language and putting my life in the hands of people I did not really know much about. Sure they were pleasant, but what do I really know them. Well, Oleg met me at the airport in Kiev and we immediately had very good rapport and I felt relaxed and in good hands. They are truly wonderful and caring people.

I arrived at the apartment they had arranged for me and was delighted at how nice it was and the location was great. During my stay I was introduced to the lady I would fall in love with, but also several other wonderful and kind ladies. Sveta did a fantastic job keeping me busy meeting other ladies just in case I did not match well with my intended lady. Sveta was always there to help and if I needed some guy advice, Oleg was there for that. All the ladies were kind and sincere. Though they were beautiful they were so kind hearted. Something difficult to find in our US ladies.

To make a long story short, I am back In the States and my future wife (the lady I went to see) are Skype’ing almost daily. I have plans to go back to Chernovtsy in May 2013 for a few months and I am sure I will begin the process for a fiancee visa to bring this very special lady to the States to live happily ever after. For a guy who wasn’t looking for love, I am glad I found it.

If you are looking to fall in love with a kind, intelligent and beautiful lady, you need to contact Sveta and Oleg. Your life will never be the same….

Thank you Sveta and Oleg for all you kindness and willingness to help me once I figured out I needed her in my life.

David Hepburn MPT



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