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Jeff, North Carolina, Visited in June 2005

If you are interested in visiting Sveta and Oleg but have doubts stop thinking and start scheduling you trip immediately. I must admit I was very skeptical at first because of all the horror stories I had read or heard about.

Sveta and Oleg sent me a dozen reference letters like the one I am writing now. After contacting a couple of the guys I felt more at ease and figured the worst that could happen is I would at least see a different part of the world. I had no idea how great the trip would be!

As soon as I stepped thru customs Yuri, their driver, was waiting for me. What a great guy! Yuri is very intelligent, speaks good English and is very interesting to talk to. I had just spent 12 hours flying and was facing a 8 hour drive. You can imagine how exhausted I was. After a short conversation with Yuri I forgot about sleeping and we talked the whole 8 hours. I am a business owner and know that you are only as good as the people who work for you. After meeting Yuri I knew Sveta & Oleg had to be great people. I would not know to later just how great

I arrived in Chernovtsy about 11 p.m. and Oleg was waiting for me at the apartment just as he had promised. The next morning Sveta arrived with her photo album and from that moment on it was truly an experience like no other.

The women are gorgeous and you can meet as many as you want. I know it sounds too good to be true but believe me it’s definitely going to happen. It’s like being in a bar/club full of models and pointing to the ones you want to meet and they bring them to you. The only difference is you will not find that many beautiful women in one place here in the states. Not only are the women beautiful but they have great personalities. None of the women have attitudes like the women here regardless of how beautiful they are. I have traveled extensively and have never seen anything like that anywhere. I didn’t believe it either when I read the letters from the other guys but it’s true. That is why you have to go and see for yourself. I know words are cheap but after you visit you too will be at a loss of word when you try to explain your trip to someone. Just go and see for yourself!

Chernovtsy is not only a beautiful city but one of the cleanest places I have visited. The people are more friendly that any other European city I have been to. Oleg and I were sitting on a park bench talking one afternoon when this 80 year old woman heard our conversation and approached us. Come to find out she had been an English professor at the university and had not spoken English in 20 years. I was shocked at how well she remembered English and I enjoyed our conversation. That is just one incident of how friendly the people are. It happened more that once.

I have saved the best part of my trip for last and that is Sveta & Oleg. They are two of the greatest people I have met and consider them good friends. If they tell you something believe it! They are more honest than probably anyone you know and have your best interest in mind. You would think they would be just the opposite and work more for the girls but it is not that way at all. If you are honest and open minded about what you want they will find it for you. From the time you arrive they are with you as much as you want them to be. They are extremely professional but also very family orientated. Sveta & Oleg have qualities that most people in the states have long lost and forgotten. When you meet girls that can’t speak English and they are translating for you it is like setting at a table talking with old friends. It is that comfortable. There are no awkward moments or dry conversation. If you are not particular interested in a girl, tell them and they will schedule another one. Absolutely unbelievable! Sveta & Oleg speak perfect English and are very familiar with our customs which also make the trip very enjoyable.

Once you visit you will see that their fees are very reasonable. As a matter of fact I would not do what they do that cheap. They spend hours and hours ensuring that you are comfortable, enjoying your trip, translating,and meeting only the most beautiful,honest women. I can not say enough about Sveta & Oleg. I consider them good friends and plan to continue to visit them in the years to come.

If you are still not sure my friends that were very opposed to my trip before I left now want to visit after hearing about my experiences and seeing my pictures.

Just go and you will understand….. Good Luck and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Sincerely, Jeff

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