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Jim, South Dakota, Married in October 2004

Dear Sveta and Oleg, I can not thank you enough for your service to me. You have a perfect blend of professional and personal concern in the way you performed for me. And though there are fees involved etc. I left with a feeling of reciprocating friendship between us and this continues to be evidenced by the follow-up Email exchanges between us and your concern for “how things are working out” for me. I came on the scene with you in a bit unusual fashion in that I am perhaps older than most of your clients and my request was for an age-group of ladies that you do not ordinarily carry in your catalog plus a few other lesser requirements. You dutifully set about the task of developing a list of such ladies culminating in my meeting and interviewing about 20 of them with your able assistance. They were great and there were 6 that were very satisfactory for me. Of course in the final analysis and choice Lesya is the one for me. We are very compatible and have fallen in love and I am now arranging for her fiancee’ visa and even there you continue to help. I would say to others my age, “Be realistic and take the chance. Do not seek out nice and pretty 25 year old girls as it will lead to problems down the road. There are many beautiful, mature and caring ladies available who like us life is passing by and who will make wonderful wives and life long partners. Best Wishes, Dr. Jim Monfore.

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