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Terry, Boise, Idaho

Dear Friends Sveta and Oleg, I am writing to tell you that I am very grateful to have met you both and to be able to call you friends. You tell me that you run a marriage agency, but I feel that it is much more then that. I could not have imagined that two people could work so diligently and relentlessly to try and make me happy and to look after my best interest. Your deeply personal letters to me before we even met should have prepared me for your hospitality and care, but I was too overwhelmed with all the photos of incredible women that you were sending me. When I had concerns with reputation you provided me with many names and numbers as references. These references proved not only to give you outstanding revues, but they were genuine people that also helped me greatly with many questions and concerns about my stay in Chernovsty. I now have many new friends across the US as we have common ground in our trips to Ukraine . Some of there stories are incredible and the information they have to share is invaluable. Thank you again for their information. But mostly I would like to thank you for uncovering a scam that I was a victim of and for helping me to find on my first trip the woman that I hope to marry this summer. We are engaged now and I am incredibly happy. No one can ask for grander results then this from any business.

As you can imagine, I was very nervous with this being my first trip to the Ukraine , but you made every step of the way so easy. You had a very pleasant driver that spoke English pick me up at the airport and bring me directly to my apartment. He even taught me some needed Russian words along the trip and taught me much of your customs and politics. He also showed me first hand how to avoid getting a speeding ticket, it was great.

I was quite excited and also nervous about meeting many women, but you created such a pleasant environment for this that my fears were not warranted. I was more then impressed with the way that you both translate when needed and help to create that relaxed friendly environment which helped to make all my dates go so smoothly. You were always there when I needed you and you seemed to be a step ahead always.

I left with a feeling that I had just ended a fantasy vacation. You both gave me tours of your lovely city that included much historical information and many fantastic sights, some of them were even architectural. LOL You looked after my every need. It will be hard to be back home where I must fend for myself. I will miss you both and your awesome city. Thank you for your guidance in helping me to find the woman that will make my life complete. I will see you both again, and please do not hesitate to have your potential clients call me with any questions. I am in Boise , Idaho

Thanks again for your wonderful service and friendship,


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