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Tanya 190

Tanya 190

Date of Birth:
May/ 23/ 1988
Marital status:
No children
Light brown
1m 68cm 5’6”
56 kg 120 lbs
Some College
Clothes Designer
Speak english:
Basic conversational English ( but I study fast )

I don’t have much of a formal education but I’m an eternal student. I read a lot, I study new things, I have this constant hunger for knowledge and development.
I started working when I was 17 and I never stopped. I’ve created my own clothes brand, I’m a fashion designer and I truly love what I do. I can describe myself as an active, curious, energetic,
quick-learning person. I’m to change and adapt, I know that there are few constant things in life. But of course, there are basic moral principles and values.
I adore animals and I’ve been an animal activist for years, I am for a healthy lifestyle, sports ( for now my most favorite is fly yoga ), I have my own story how I’ve lost weight and I’m proud to be in the shape I’m now.
I’m stubborn and persistent in the most positive way – that’s why I reach goals. I am hard-working and disciplined, but yes, I’m a woman and I love to laugh, flirt, be feminine and sexy.
I’m creating very sexual clothes for my clients since I’m a very passionate woman myself.
Physical intimacy is extremely important for me and I need to be literally “drawn” to my man on the animal level :)))) My man must be charismatic and interesting, his age or appearance do not
matter. I want him to be strong and confident, not controlling or jealous of his wife’s interests or success. We should work as a team, but also give each other space and freedom.
Based on complete trust, respect and love.
I enjoy walking, lots of walking, it can be hiking in the mountains or walking hand-in-hand along the sea shore. I love snorkeling, exploring new places. These places do not have to be
posh or expensive, I just love something new which would stimulate my mind. I’m a very creative and emotional person, not the easiest one to deal with :))), but once you have my love,
I can make the happiest man alive. You will never be bored. You will have my passion, you will have my loyalty. If extraordinary women do not scare you – then you are my man 🙂

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