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Darina 167

Darina 167

Date of Birth:
June/ 01/ 1999
Marital status:
Never married
1m 78 5’7 1/5”
59 kg, 120 lbs
Sales/ Administrative
Speak english:
Speaks conversational English, some Italian, some Polish

I can describe myself as a very kind, loving, sympathetic person, I’m always willing to compromise, I can be emotional but it’s due to the fact that I’m sensitive and take everything close to the heart.

When you look at me you might think that I’m a bitch…but looks are deceitful, I’m a sweet candy inside 🙂

I enjoy reading very much, love poetry, like listening to the music, singing and dancing. I find pleasure in spending time with my friends…and I like shopping too ! 🙂

I have always dreamt to meet a good man who would be a real gentleman and I would be a lady by his side. It’s only normal for a man to woo and court his lady, protect her, and I would give you all my love and passion. It’s so nice when two people respect and support interests of each other.

When I’m sick or feel down – you would hug and encourage me. And I would do the same for you!

Also, I hope you would be honest and sincere about everything with me, you would have definite plans and goals for life and not a teenage -like character. It’s nice to play and behave like kids every now and then, but everything should be in moderation.

I want you to be kind and love animals too.


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