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Charles, South Dakota

To anyone interested in phoenix international services! It has been a month since i arrived back to america And i find myself thinking constantly about all the wonderful women i Had met there! Sveta and oleg run an absolute top notch introductory service! Honest, very hardworking, dedicated, kind, and very pleasant to be with! And also “very beautiful” but not only on the outside but inside also! My only difficulty is trying to decide??? “when you meet more women in a Week” than you will in several years I also enjoyed my time with sveta and oleg since i learned so much about the country and culture through them! And wow are they fun people to be with!!!!!!!!! The prices of going out in chernovsty is very inexpensive and the food of the city is of some of the finest i have had! (and i have been at some of the finest places in the world) If you are planning to make this trip “do it” (you will not be disappointed) In many ways i dont see life the same way since i made this trip it is very difficult for me to go back to a usual routine after meeting So many women and having so much fun!!!! I look very forward to going back when my schedule permits, hopefully in a couple of months.

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