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Natalia 030

Natalia 030

Date of Birth:
November 16/ 1990
Marital status:
daughter Katie born March /07/2015
120 lbs.
Some college/Finance
Hairdresser/ hairstylist
Speak english:
Speaks basic conversational English


I’m a tasty mix of emotions, passion, energy and tenderness. I can promise you one thing for sure: you will never be bored with me! I’m a bubbly, happy, life-loving person, «crazy» in the positive meaning of this word.
Life hasn’t been treating me nicely, I’ve been betrayed and backstabbed not once, I can break down and cry like a little girl but then I get back to my feet and fight! I’m an eternal optimist, I believe in God and in good people.

My little daughter Katie is a bundle of joy. She’s a very open and lovable child and it’s easy to become her friend 🙂 Like her mom Katie has got great «people skills» and she gets along with everyone. I’m very close with my family: mom and elder sister and her kids, we are the stone wall and support for each other.

I love to eat and I enjoy cooking, everyone says I’m a fantastic cook 🙂 I do sports to stay fit: jogging, working out, dancing. I live near picturesque Carpathian mountains and we go there with friends for picnics, picnics and just relaxing. I read books on psychology and have a genuine interest in becoming a better person.

I dream to meet a strong , confident, smart man who will be patient to my flaws and will appreciate my virtues, who’s got a sense of humor, who’s successful, who can be my teacher, my lover, my partner. I don’t mind a big age difference as long as you have the energy to keep up with me.


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