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Maryana 197

Maryana 197

Date of Birth:
Marital status:
Never married
No children`
light brown
1m 60 cm, 5’6”
60 kg 120 lbs
Teacher of English / fitness instructor/ zumba instructor
Currently works as a sales manager at the sports club
Speak english:
Speaks good English

To describe myself : strong, purposeful, persistent, I enjoy being a leader. When in school, I have been professionally playing basketball ( as a member of the city team ). Then I switched to zumba and I’ve worked as a zumba instructor for 5 years.
For the last 4 years I’ve been doing kangoo jumps.
So sport is a big part of my life and I think it would be better if my potential partner liked to work out too. It would give us more common grounds for bonding.
As you have probably understood by now, active time spending is my love…but I can be lazy too : like sun bathing or swimming leisurely.
I have taken 8 years of Arts school, but haven’t been drawing or painting lately, no inspiration (
Maybe meeting you will bring it back? 🙂
One of my dreams came true 4 years ago: I got a dog, his name is Nick.

So now I hope my other dream, a more adult dream – to meet a worthy man – would come true too! It’s about time 🙂
I want him to be attentive, caring, self sufficient, not an “actor” or player with the feelings of other people. And all girls love generous men who know how to take care of their ladies.
I always liked men with beards, but it’s not a must 🙂

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